About Us


Jolan Properties Inc. is a professional family-run business. We believe that our industry is about people, our residents. We measure our success in resident satisfaction and longterm tenants. We are hands on, dedicated to creating communities that are well cared for and reflect our efforts in fostering a comfortable and welcoming environment. Our professional management team offers residents an exceptional experience, from our focus on attention to detail to our commitment to customer service. We know how to make your family part of ours, and we’re proud to help you call one of our communities your new home.


Jolan isn’t just a business, it’s a family-run business. It’s my family – the family that found me, took me in and love me unconditionally.

I was a rescue dog when I was young, about 7 years ago now. It wasn’t pretty.

Out of any breed, any pet store, he could have gone and picked up a dog that came with a guarantee from the breeder; who was trained, groomed and had pedigree – but he took a chance on me. He picked me. He saved me.

He’s the best dog owner. I’ve got him trained to walk me, feed me, pet me and play with me. He especially loves the P-A-R-K.

He goes everywhere I go without a fuss. He’s great with the leash and quick with a treat. He works well in the office so that I don’t have to do much, other than keep him company while he’s at work. In fact I have a prime office with a desk to sit under.

I love his colleagues, his residents – the whole family is amazing. I love when we do our rounds and get to say hi to the people who live in Jolan communities.

It makes sense. He offered me a home – more than a home – because that’s who he is.