What You Need to Know About the Toronto Vacant Home Tax
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Toronto, like many cities across the country, is facing serious housing shortages for its residents. As the population continues to grow, it’s putting unprecedented pressure on the housing and rental markets.  To help ease the strain, now and in the future, federal and provincial gove…

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Toronto’s Rental Market in 2024

Finding a safe, affordable place to rent in the GTA hasn’t been easy. There are several factors that have influenced the rising rental prices. As the demand for affordable and safe housing continues to outweigh supply, Torontonians have, an…

Short-Term vs Long-Term Rental Properties in Toronto

Short term rentals inquiries have increased considerably in Toronto. Now that travel restrictions have eased and people are once again travelling for work and school, the need for temporary leasing options has grown tremendously.

A short …

Furnished or Unfurnished Rental: Which One Is Right for You?

If you’re looking for an apartment, you have plenty of options and decisions to make. Location, price, number of bedrooms, and building amenities are just of few things to consider when finding the right place.

Another feature you m…

The Best Neighborhoods for Young Professionals Renting in the GTA

Toronto is a great place for young adults to start and grow their career. When it comes to housing, young adults have different needs and wants than university students or families. Toronto neighbourhoods for young professionals should meet their…

Rental Hotspots in the GTA: Uncovering Hidden Gems for Your Next Home

Rental properties are in high demand. With the cost to buy a house rising, many would-be homeowners are opting to rent instead. While finding a room for rent in Toronto that suits your needs and budget might be challenging, there are plenty of gr…

Finding the Perfect Rental Places in the Greater Toronto Area
With the high demand and low vacancy rates, finding affordable apartment rentals in Toronto can be challenging. While you can do the traditional route to find an apartment, there are also several online apps and websites to help you find rental prop…
What to Look Out for in Your Next Rental Agreement
An important and essential step to renting a place is signing a lease. Whether renting a home, condo, apartment, or vacation place from a corporation, private property owner, friend, or family member, you should have a written rental agreement.
Financial Benefits of Renting in Today’s Real Estate Market
The real estate market is finally seeing a market correction and reports predict Canadian housing prices will drop by up to 16% this year. This has many first-time buyers wondering what is better, renting vs. buying a home.
Should You Buy a Condo or Rent an Apartment? Pros and Cons to Consider?
If you are planning to move into your own place, one of the first questions you might ask yourself is whether you rent or buy a condo. Both options have pros and cons, so there is no right or wrong answer.
Moving and Packing Tips for Your Smoothest Move Yet
There is always so much to do when moving to a new home. From getting supplies like boxes, tape, and markers to packing your stuff, hiring movers, organizing schedules, contacting utility companies, and changing your mailing address, the list of job…
How Much Should You Spend on Rent?
Rent affordability is a growing concern for many in Ontario. Growing populations and supply chain issues are creating a shortage in available rental units. If you are looking for a place to rent, it is important to have a clear idea of what you want…
How to Create a Productive Home Office Workspace
With the proper work-from-home office setup roughly 40% of Canadian jobs can be done from home according to Statistics Canada. If working from home is on your horizon here are some productive home office ideas to help you create the perfect place to…
What GTA Renters Need to Know About Tenant Insurance
If you are about to move into your first apartment or have been a lifetime renter this article will sort the fact from fiction, the rumour from reality, and answer the basic questions related to the rules and regulations around obtaining renters’ in…
5 Tips To Help You Declutter Your Home During Summer
Get out your summer decluttering checklist, read these five great decluttering tips, and let's finally get ready to tackle the monumental challenge of how to declutter your home.
5 Energy Saving Tips You Should Use While Renting
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Finding ways to conserve energy is top of the list for governments, businesses, and households as we all pitch in to decrease our carbon footprint as we face ever-increasing energy costs.
5 Ways To Save Money Living Green
Green Living
Whether you're looking for ways to save money or ways to save the planet there are hundreds of small ways that you can go green and save money.
Tips to Make Your Small Bedroom Look Bigger
If your condo or home has a bedroom on the smaller side there are a number of strategies that we can use to make that tiny bedroom the guest suite or home office of your dreams. Here are some tried and true, very small bedroom ideas that can really …
Tips for Selecting the Best Movers and Packers in Toronto
The summer moving season is fast approaching. Whatever your reason for moving, here are some tips to consider when selecting the best movers and packers to help you start the next phase of your life in a new space.
The Pros and Cons of Renters with Pets
Pet ownership is climbing year after year with most recent estimates finding only 27 percent of Canadian households are choosing to remain pet-free.
Top 10 Questions You Must Ask Before Renting Your Next Apartment
It's vital to know what questions to ask a landlord when renting an apartment, especially in the early days of an apartment search. The right questions will save you a lot of time and perhaps even a few headaches.

North York, ON

North York is a multicultural mecca with an incredible nightlife, great shopping, and opportunities for people of all walks of life to feel at home.

Mississauga, ON

Awarded the best place to live in the ReMax 2019 Livability Index Report, Mississauga is an eclectic mix of safe, serene, and pristine neighbourhoods connected by an intricate system of public service amenities.

Etobicoke, ON

Located on the west side of Toronto, Etobicoke is a collection of upper-middle-class neighbourhoods, surrounded by parks, gardens, shops, malls and restaurants.

Woodbridge, ON

Woodbridge is a serene suburban community in the City of Vaughan where residents enjoy small town charm and big city amenities.

Toronto, ON

Toronto is one of the most livable cities in the world, with superb apartment rentals in vibrant and safe neighbourhoods that offer all the best amenities.