The Best Neighborhoods for Young Professionals Renting in the GTA

Toronto is a great place for young adults to start and grow their career. When it comes to housing, young adults have different needs and wants than university students or families. Toronto neighbourhoods for young professionals should meet their social, professional, financial, and personal nee…

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Why Do We Need Tenant Insurance?

The short answer is yes. There are a few really good reasons for having tenant insurance.

For one, as a tenant you are liable – yes, legally responsible – for any harm you cause to any part of your building and to others who l…


North York, ON

North York is a multicultural mecca with an incredible nightlife, great shopping, and opportunities for people of all walks of life to feel at home.

Mississauga, ON

Awarded the best place to live in the ReMax 2019 Livability Index Report, Mississauga is an eclectic mix of safe, serene, and pristine neighbourhoods connected by an intricate system of public service amenities.

Etobicoke, ON

Located on the west side of Toronto, Etobicoke is a collection of upper-middle-class neighbourhoods, surrounded by parks, gardens, shops, malls and restaurants.

Woodbridge, ON

Woodbridge is a serene suburban community in the City of Vaughan where residents enjoy small town charm and big city amenities.

Toronto, ON

Toronto is one of the most livable cities in the world, with superb apartment rentals in vibrant and safe neighbourhoods that offer all the best amenities.