What You Need to Know About the Toronto Vacant Home Tax
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Toronto, like many cities across the country, is facing serious housing shortages for its residents. As the population continues to grow, it’s putting unprecedented pressure on the housing and rental markets.  To help ease the strain, now and in the future, federal and provincial gove…

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Why are Toronto apartments getting smaller?
It’s not just apartments either. The average condo size in Toronto is shrinking incredibly fast. Between 2015 and 2017, the average apartment square footage in Toronto fell nearly five per cent from 681 square feet to 647 square feet.
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When you rent from Jolan, you’re not just renting an apartment, you’re renting a home, a community and a lifestyle.Our buildings are in hand-picked locations, ensuring that residents enjoy comfort, convenience and safety. Home means something to us,…
Go Green in Your Apartment
Green Living

Living in an apartment instead of a house, is an environmentally friendly use of space and resources. Many of today’s rental buildings have been updated with energy-efficient windows, furnaces, appliances, lighting and plumbing fixtures. Bu…

Decorating Your Rental Space
  • When decorating small spaces, you don’t necessarily have to go with pint-sized furniture. Just pare down the number of pieces.
  • Make sure there’s balance and create interest by drawing the eye to varying…
Why Do We Need Tenant Insurance?

The short answer is yes. There are a few really good reasons for having tenant insurance.

For one, as a tenant you are liable – yes, legally responsible – for any harm you cause to any part of your building and to others who l…


North York, ON

North York is a multicultural mecca with an incredible nightlife, great shopping, and opportunities for people of all walks of life to feel at home.

Mississauga, ON

Awarded the best place to live in the ReMax 2019 Livability Index Report, Mississauga is an eclectic mix of safe, serene, and pristine neighbourhoods connected by an intricate system of public service amenities.

Etobicoke, ON

Located on the west side of Toronto, Etobicoke is a collection of upper-middle-class neighbourhoods, surrounded by parks, gardens, shops, malls and restaurants.

Woodbridge, ON

Woodbridge is a serene suburban community in the City of Vaughan where residents enjoy small town charm and big city amenities.

Toronto, ON

Toronto is one of the most livable cities in the world, with superb apartment rentals in vibrant and safe neighbourhoods that offer all the best amenities.