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5 Energy Saving Tips You Should Use While Renting

Finding ways to conserve energy is top of the list for governments, businesses, and households as we all pitch in to decrease our carbon footprint as we face ever-increasing energy costs. What can a renter do to help out Mother Earth when so many of the ways to increase home energy efficiency are beyond the scope of what a renter could reasonably do? No one expects you to re-insulate your landlord's property or replace outdated windows with new triple-glazed windows but there are some energy-saving tips that you can do when you don't own the place you live. Here are 5 low-cost and easy energy-saving tips for apartment renters.

1. Turn off unnecessary lights and unplug appliances and electronics that are not in use.

That shaver you leave plugged in on the bathroom counter and that air fryer in the kitchen all draw power when not in use. These small draws compounded by numerous appliances and electronics, all quietly sipping away at the energy grid 24/7, add up to a significant amount of wasted power. This method to conserve energy and increase home energy efficiency costs you nothing.

2. Wash your laundry in cold water

Wash your laundry in cold water, use full loads, skip the heat dry setting on the dishwasher, and manage your thermostat. Optimizing the settings on your major appliances, from your furnace to your toaster, you can save significant amounts of energy and money as a renter.

3. Open the windows and become a fan of ceiling fans

Air conditioners are huge consumers of energy and are often needed to make the oppressive summer heat survivable but there are numerous days when an open window and a fan could keep you cool with the added bonus of some fresh air. Ceiling fans can also push down the heat that rises to the ceiling, which will keep you feeling warmer in the winter.

4. Put a brick in your toilet tank

This simple trick can save an average household 5 gallons a day of fresh clean water from being literally flushed away. Stop using your toilet as a waste-paper basket or an ashtray. As droughts cause rivers to dry up all over Europe and the American Southwest, the need for water conservation has never been greater. With scientists predicting an increase in global temperatures to continue unabated, many parts of the world will find their access to fresh water becoming more and more scarce.

5. Develop new habits like wearing a sweater and slippers

Some of the easiest ways to conserve energy are to develop new habits like wearing a sweater and slippers, taking shorter showers, and turning down the thermostat, but our greatest hope lies in expanding our overall awareness of the wastefulness of North American culture. Increasing our home energy efficiency is only half of the solution. The best energy-saving tips for renters is to develop new habits that minimize waste.

Facing a global climate crisis all alone can feel overwhelming, but as a collective of people making small changes, we can make a real difference in not only conserving energy but also making a lifestyle of conservation the norm. There are also many success stories taking place all over the world. The Sahara desert, through a variety of initiatives, has greened an area larger than Montana and Alaska combined. This year reports the health of coral reefs are improving and unprecedented regrowth is popping up all over the globe. It's easy to become part of the solution and you can start today as an apartment renter.

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