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Finding the Perfect Rental Places in the Greater Toronto Area

With the high demand and low vacancy rates, finding affordable apartment rentals in Toronto can be challenging. While you can do the traditional route to find an apartment, there are also several online apps and websites to help you find rental properties in GTA.

There are many safe neighbourhoods in the Greater Toronto area that have affordable rental units to fit your lifestyle. For rent places throughout the city are also near different amenities, schools, bus routes, greenspaces, and other neighbourhood features. If you are looking for an apartment, the best neighbourhoods to rent in GTA have great rental places to suit almost everyone’s needs. 

Kensington Market

Kensington Market is one of the oldest and most famous areas of the city. This beautifully original part of town also one of the most diverse and culturally rich areas of the city. The uniquely styled apartment buildings add to the charm and appeal of the bustling neighbourhood. Kingston Market is close to downtown and within walking distance to several shops and boutiques including a bookstore, thrift store, marketplace, café, fresh food outlet and other services.

Annex Neighbourhood

Close to the university and several amenities, this neighbourhood is perfect for students and anyone wanting to live near the post secondary facilities. There are plenty of cafes, fitness centres, stores, and other amenities within walking distance to the many apartment buildings. Not only are tenants in this area close to the university, but downtown Toronto is only 10 minutes away making commuting very easy. There are plenty of affordable rental options so you can easily find an attractive place within your price range in this neighbourhood.

Liberty Village

This area continues to be a highly popular area for renters looking for the best rentals in Toronto because it is one of the more affordable neighbourhoods. Along with several rental options, this quiet neighbourhood has plenty of amenities like restaurants, shops and services within walking distance. There are ample bus stops within the neighbourhood so commuting is easy. Another attraction is the neighbourhood’s close proximity to Toronto’s center. The 10 minute commute to downtown is appealing for those who work downtown.


Yorkville Neighbourhood

Yorkville is a high end neighbourhood close to downtown. For those looking for luxurious apartment rentals in Toronto, Yorkville is one of the more elite neighbourhoods in GTA. The neighbourhood boasts many chic boutiques and services along with elegant fine dine and luxury services. Rent prices are high in this neighbourhood.

If the hustle and bustle of the city is not something you are looking for, there are several suburban neighbourhoods in GTA that have some of the great rental options.



Scarborough remains one of the best rentals in Toronto. This culturally diverse neighbourhood has some of the cheapest rental suites available in the city. There are many appealing features in this region that continue to attract tenants of all ages. For those who like the amenities of a city but the quiet and safety of living away from the city’s centre, Scarborough is the ideal place. It’s low crime rate, easily accessible amenities and multiple transit routes, Scarborough has a lot to offer.


The Junction

Located in the west end of the city, this highly popular neighbourhood is 20 minutes from downtown. It is one of the more fashionable and trendy areas and has plenty of affordable rental options to choose from. Along with the many nearby amenities, this neighbourhood has several transit options including Dundas West Station and Keele Station and is close to other popular neighbourhoods.



Roncesvalles is a historically rich neighbourhood in the west end of Toronto. It is one of the most affordable and diverse neighbourhoods in the city. Roncesvalles is further from downtown than other neighbourhoods but has several transit options to make commuting easy. Roncesvalles is a beautiful neighbourhood that blends rental and private homes with a designated commercial strip that has boutiques, restaurants, shops, cafes, bars and other services.

If you are looking for the best neighbourhoods to rent in GTA, you have many options to choose from.

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