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Rental Hotspots in the GTA: Uncovering Hidden Gems for Your Next Home

Rental properties are in high demand. With the cost to buy a house rising, many would-be homeowners are opting to rent instead. While finding a room for rent in Toronto that suits your needs and budget might be challenging, there are plenty of great rental gems throughout the city.

Are you looking for affordable and great rental locations in Toronto?  If so, we’ve uncovered several hidden gems for you to choose from. With all the options available, there is something for everyone.

Deer Park District

Located near downtown Toronto, rental suites in this area are within walking distance to restaurants, grocery stores, transit, and other popular amenities. Schools, parks, and specialty shops are also within a short commute of this hidden gem located between Rosedale and Forest Hill.

Some of the best rental places in GTA are found in this popular neighbourhood. Many rental buildings at affordable prices. From newer developments to unique boutique-style designs, this gem of a neighbourhood is perfectly located in the heart of midtown Toronto.

Liberty Village

This is a great neighbourhood for those who are looking for the best of both worlds. If you want the peace and quiet of a suburban neighbourhood but the close proximity of downtown, Liberty Village is the ideal location. As the city continues to grow, so too does this beautiful neighbourhood.

With lots of options to choose from, Liberty Village is considered one of the best places to rent a condo or apartment. This popular and vibrant neighbourhood has lots of amenities and attractions within walking distance including restaurants, cafes, and shops.

Yonge and Eglinton

This is one of the most popular neighbourhoods to rent in Toronto. What makes this one of the best rental locations in Toronto?  Located north of downtown Toronto, is one of the busiest neighbourhoods in the city. Along with an abundance of businesses, Yonge and Eglinton is at the hub where the action is.

For those that like busier neighbourhoods, there are several affordable rental options to choose from in this rich and diverse area.

Scarborough Village

Scarborough Village is a quiet neighbourhood located on the east side of the city. If you’re looking for a place as far away from the downtown area as possible, this gem of a neighbourhood is an hour from downtown Toronto by car and 75 minutes by city transit.

There are plenty of beautiful rooms for rent in Toronto’s Scarborough Village but they get scooped up fast. This is a beautifully scenic neighbourhood that overlooks Lake Ontario. Along with the residential streets, there are plenty of amenities within walking distance including specialty boutiques, restaurants, shops, cafes, and a public waterfront park.


Newtonbrook Neighbourhood

This fabulous neighbourhood is a shopper’s haven. It close to both Centerpoint Mall and Yonge Street, two popular shopping areas. It also boasts several recreational areas and has some nearby schools.  Newtonbrook is a great neighbourhood for both single adults and young families.

Flemingdon Park

Another surprisingly area that has the best rental places in GTA is Flemingdon Park. Known as the apartment city, this area has a variety of rental options to choose from. There has been a recent surge in development in this densely populated and often underrated area so there are plenty of rental opportunities in this hidden gem.

Located in the North York neighbourhood within 15 minutes from downtown, Flemingdon Park has plenty of nearby amenities within walking distance.

Birch Cliff-Cliffside

If you are looking for a higher end apartment, Birch Cliff-Cliffside is one of the best places to rent in GTA. For those who like living by a lake or near waterfront properties, this community along the southern shoreline is the perfect location. It is a charming, family-friendly area with many nearby attractions including high end boutiques and specialty shops.

Toronto’s rental market is booming. Although there is a growing need to find affordable rental units in this vast city, there are plenty of hidden gems throughout this thriving metropolitan.

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