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Tips for Selecting the Best Movers and Packers in Toronto

Over 4 million Canadians move each year with 70 percent of those moves occurring during the months of June through December. Moving is a highly competitive billion-dollar industry that attracts some unscrupulous characters with promises of smooth moves that turn into gut-wrenching disasters. Every summer in the papers there are numerous reports of families’ belongings being held hostage for "extra" charges and hidden fees that materialize just before the furniture is set to be unloaded. If you are one of the 42 percent of people moving because of marriage and kids or are one of the 37 percent moving due to relocating for work, this summer's moving season is fast approaching. Whatever your reason for moving, here are some tips to consider when selecting the best movers and packers to help you start the next phase of your life in a new space.

Step 1. Selecting the best movers and packers.

Here are a few common sense things to be on the lookout for when selecting your mover

When selecting the best movers and packers, check with the Better Business Bureau as any company that has been around for any length of time should have some sort of rating and review. The longer the company has been in business, the greater the assurances you will have that your possessions will be well cared for and, in the event of a mishap, your concerns will be properly addressed. Avoid the most common problems by using common sense. The "too good to be true" estimate or handwritten and incomplete paperwork should send you looking for another mover. When trying to select the best movers and packers ask your friends and family, maybe even post on social media, for a company that provides excellent service and fair rates.

Step 2. What are the main questions to ask packers and movers?

Now that a shortlist of moving companies has been compiled, what are the main questions to ask the packers and movers? Start with checking their paperwork related to workers' compensation insurance to avoid any liability for injuries that occur on your property during the move. Understand their insurance coverage and policies if the unfortunate does happen and your prized possession becomes damaged. The company should be able to articulate in clear and plain language how these things are dealt with. Ask about the number of movers that will be used on moving day and what additional labour rates apply for the addition of more movers. Ask about the equipment like dollies, ramps, blankets, trucks, tools, shrink wrap, and floor runners. Do these add any extra costs or fees? Ask about extra fees for stairs, basements, or bulky items, and make sure you understand in what circumstances additional fees may apply.

Step 3. How much do you tip movers in Toronto?

You've finished selecting the best movers and packers, asked them all the appropriate questions, the move is complete and now you are left wondering, how much do you tip movers in Toronto? There are numerous formulas based on percentages and special circumstances like extremely heavy or valuable objects but a simple and reasonable rate for a satisfactory move would be $20-$25 a head for a half-day move and double that for a full-day move. These tips are not mandatory and no one should feel obligated to tip if they received lousy service but the aforementioned rates reflect the industry standard in Canada's largest city.

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